My Network TV

My Network TV

MyNetworkTV (unofficially abbreviated MyTV, MyNet, MNT or MNTV, and sometimes referred to as "My Network") is a television broadcast syndication service in the United States, owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a division of News Corporation. Under its former status as a television network, it was the lowest-rated of the then-six major US English-language commercial broadcast networks.

MyNetworkTV is a sister company to the Fox network, but operates separately. Roger Ailes oversees the service as chairman of the Fox Television Stations Group (FTSG).

MyNetworkTV began operations on September 5, 2006 with an initial affiliate lineup covering about 96 percent of the country, most of which were former WB and UPN affiliates.

On September 28, 2009, following disappointment with the network's results, MyNetworkTV dropped its status of a television network and transitioned to become a syndication programming service, reminiscent of the Universal Action Pack and Warner Bros.' Prime Time Entertainment Network.

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