My Neighbor Totoro - Cast


Character Japanese English (Streamline) English (Disney)
Satsuki Kusakabe (草壁 サツキ, Kusakabe Satsuki?) Noriko Hidaka Lisa Michelson Dakota Fanning
Mei Kusakabe (草壁 メイ, Kusakabe Mei?) Chika Sakamoto Cheryl Chase Elle Fanning
Tatsuo Kusakabe (草壁 タツオ, Kusakabe Tatsuo?) (father) Shigesato Itoi Greg Snegoff Tim Daly
Yasuko Kusakabe (草壁 靖子, Kusakabe Yasuko?) (mother) Sumi Shimamoto Alexandra Kenworthy Lea Salonga
Totoro (トトロ?) Hitoshi Takagi Unknown Frank Welker
Catbus (ネコバス, Nekobasu?) Naoko Tatsuka Carl Macek Frank Welker
Nanny / Granny Tanie Kitabayashi Natalie Core Pat Carroll
Kanta Okagi (大垣 勘太, Ōgaki Kanta?) Toshiyuki Amagasa Kenneth Hartman Paul Butcher

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