Thales Naval Nederland (formerly Signaal) MW08 is a G-band 3D target indication radar, part of the 3D multibeam 'SMART' (Signal Multibeam Acquisition Radar for Tracking) family which includes E/F band (former S band) SMART-S/SMART-S Mk2 and D band (former L-band) SMART-L.

MW08 transmits six 2 by 12 degree stacked beams up to 70 degrees for height finding and is capable of fully automatic detection and tracking (ADT). The radar also directs gunfire against surface targets by 3 Track-While-Scan surface windows with splash plotting capability, but does not provide up-link commands to surface-to-air missiles in flight. In February 1996 Jane's International Defence Review reported that the radar was no longer offered to new customers due to Thales Group's product rationalization policy favoring MRR 3D radar developed by Thales France, formerly Thomson-CSF. However the policy has been quietly reversed.

MW08 is installed on the following ship classes.

  • South Korea: 3 KDX I class, 4+2 KDX II class destroyers, 1 LPX type helicopter carrier
  • Greece: 4 Hydra class frigates, 7 Roussen Class FACM
  • Portugal: 3 MEKO-200PN class frigates
  • Turkey: 7 Kilic class fast attack craft
  • Oman: 2 Qahir class corvettes
  • Indonesia: 4 Sigma class corvettes

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