Much Apu About Nothing

"Much Apu About Nothing" is the 23rd episode of The Simpsons' seventh season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on May 5, 1996. In the episode, a referendum is created that will require all illegal immigrants from Springfield to be deported. After learning that his friend Apu will be deported, Homer decides to help Apu prepare for a United States citizenship test so that he can become a legal citizen.

The episode was written by David S. Cohen, and directed by Susie Dietter. Joe Mantegna guest stars in the episode as Fat Tony. The title of the episode is a parody of William Shakespeare's play Much Ado About Nothing. Since airing, the episode has received mostly positive reviews from fans and television critics. It acquired a Nielsen rating of 8.2, and was the fourth highest-rated show on the Fox network the week it aired.

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