MTO can refer to any of the following:

  • Mateo aka MTO, French street-artist currently living in Berlin, Germany.
  • Coles County Memorial Airport in Mattoon-Charleston, Illinois, has IATA code MTO
  • The ISO 639-3 code for Totontepec Mixe
  • Made to order, Manufacturing of standard products to supply customer orders and/or customer schedules
  • Mars Telecommunications Orbiter
  • Marton railway station, England; National Rail station code MTO
  • Material Take Off, an engineering and design term
  • Media Take Out an African American celebrity gossip website
  • Mediterranean Theater of Operations
  • Methylrhenium trioxide, also called methyltrioxorhenium
  • Ministry of Transportation of Ontario
  • Motor Tax Office
  • Moving to Opportunity, a federal housing program
  • MTO (video game company)
  • Multimodal transport operator
  • Made To Order food, available at Sheetz convenience stores
  • Mansion Tetrica y Obituario (Beat Perfuckmance

Famous quotes containing the word mto:

    At each minute we are crushed by the idea and the feeling of time. And there are only two ways to escape this nightmare, Mto forget it: pleasure and work. Pleasure wears us out. Work fortifies us. Let’s choose.
    Charles Baudelaire (1821–1867)