Mounts Bay Road

Mounts Bay Road is a major road in Perth, Western Australia, extending southwest from the central business district along the north bank of the Swan River, at the base of Kings Park.

It runs between William Street and Winthrop Avenue in Crawley, continuing towards Fremantle as Stirling Highway and linking Perth with the University of Western Australia and the riverside suburbs of Nedlands and Claremont.

It was during the era of Trams in Perth, a notable location of tram derailment

Mounts Bay Road is also home to the Old Swan Brewery, as well as a number of expensive high rise apartments and hotels overlooking the river.

Mounts Bay Road is named after Mounts Bay, the body of water in the Swan River Estuary that was infilled for the construction of the Narrows Interchange, and the road follows the boundary of the bay at the Narrows.

It follows the Swan River estuary and forms the southern and southeastern boundary for Kings Park.

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