Mount Druitt Aerodrome

Mount Druitt Aerodrome was a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) landing ground during World War II at Mount Druitt, New South Wales, Australia.

Land was resumed in March 1942, for the construction of an aerodrome, two aircraft hangars and workshops on the site. The runway was 5000ft (1524m) long x 159ft (48.46m) wide.

The aerodrome was utilised for a period of time, after World War II, as a storage facility (bomb dump) for United States Army Air Forces and 10,000 500lb general purpose aerial bombs were placed upon the landing strip.

The runway ran down the center of the current Whalan Reserve in a roughly North-South (NNW-SSE) direction. After the war the fledgling Australian Racing Drivers Club ran races there (1951-53) at the Mt Druitt race track which incorporated part of the runway and taxi ways.

The land was not handed back to its owner until January 1951.

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