Famous quotes containing the word mothers:

    Can love be controlled by advice?
    Will Cupid our mothers obey?
    Though my heart were as frozen as ice,
    At his flame ‘twould have melted away.
    When he kissed me so closely he pressed,
    ‘Twas so sweet that I must have complied:
    So I thought it both safest and best
    To marry, for fear you should chide.
    John Gay (1685–1732)

    Much of the ill-tempered railing against women that has characterized the popular writing of the last two years is a half-hearted attempt to find a way back to a more balanced relationship between our biological selves and the world we have built. So women are scolded both for being mothers and for not being mothers, for wanting to eat their cake and have it too, and for not wanting to eat their cake and have it too.
    Margaret Mead (1901–1978)

    By school age, many boys experience pressure to reveal inner feelings as humiliating. They think their mothers are saying to them, “You must be hiding something shameful.” And shucking clams is a snap compared to prying secrets out of a boy who’s decided to “clam up.”
    Ron Taffel (20th century)