Montague is a French surname derived from Old French Mont Agin (Modern French: Montagne) meaning "mountain." The name Montague can refer to the following:

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Famous quotes containing the word montague:

    its crumbled yellow cup
    and pale bleeding lips
    fading to white
    at the rim
    of each bruised and heart-
    shaped petal.
    —John Montague (b. 1929)

    To regard the successful experiences which ensue from a belief as a criterion of its truth is one thing—and a thing that is sometimes bad and sometimes good—but to assume that truth itself consists in the process by which it is verified is a different thing and always bad.
    —William Pepperell Montague (1842–1910)

    All legendary obstacles lay between
    Us, the long imaginary plain,
    The monstrous ruck of mountains
    —John Montague (b. 1929)