Monsters HD - Promotional Campaigns: "It's Alive!" and "See The Good Parts"

Promotional Campaigns: "It's Alive!" and "See The Good Parts"

Monsters HD's animated "on-air" launch package and logos were designed, created and produced by creative ad agency mOcean. In an article for, mOcean creative director Steve Kazanjian noted that the inspiration for Monsters HD's animation package came from the key art of vintage genre posters hanging in their office. According to Kanzanjian, "Monsters HD focused on using the HD platform: emphasizing subtle color variations, fine point lines and 5.1 stereo surround sound. Using a combination of 2D compositing, 3D character animation and hand drawn illustration, mOcean developed modern poster interpretations of classic monster themes such as 'Destruction Outer Space", 'The Island That Time Forgot', The Demented Psychopath's Lair' and a classic 'Southern Cemetery'. The imagery helped reinforce the network's tagline - 'It's Alive!' -with all new animation, as each poster actually "comes alive" through visual moves."

In 2004, Monsters HD and web developer Sudden Industries, created an on-line "It's Alive! Monsters HD Sweepstakes" campaign to promote the horror and creature feature channel and the VOOM Satellite Service. On-line digital trading cards, with sound and animation, depicting classic monster highlights were distributed to various genre websites and the horror community to engage potential entrants for a chance to win a set of limited edition Arkoff monster figures, an HDTV set and a subscription to Voom.

Monsters HD also had an on-air campaign called "See The Good Parts". Monsters HD's Greg Heim was noted in an article by as having created many of the promotions that "advertised a movie that was airing on the channel by showing an iconic part from the film, cutting to a graphic with the words 'See the Good Parts', and then continuing the scene. To promote John Carpenter’s The Thing, the promotion featured the famous chest-alien teeth scene, cut to the “See the Good Parts” graphic after the arms had been bitten off, and then proceeded to show the rest of the scene including the Thing leaping out the chest, the spider head crawling across the floor, and then the torching of the creature. Monsters HD would then let you know when the film would be airing. With the 1974 version of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the ad was shorter: Monsters HD showed Leatherface’s first appearance, cutting to the “See the Good Parts” graphic just after the bludgeoning of the victim and cutting back to show Leatherface slamming the metal door shut."

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