Monday (i/ˈmʌndeɪ/ or /ˈmʌndi/) is the day of the week between Sunday and Tuesday. According to the Christian, Islamic and Hebrew calendars, it is the second day of the week. But according to international standard ISO 8601 it is the first day of the week. The name of Monday is derived from Old English Mōnandæg and Middle English Monenday, which means "moon day".

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Famous quotes containing the word monday:

    My consciousness-raising group is still going on. Every Monday night it meets, somewhere in Greenwich Village, and it drinks a lot of red wine and eats a lot of cheese. A friend of mine who is in it tells me that at the last meeting, each of the women took her turn to explain, in considerable detail, what she was planning to stuff her Thanksgiving turkey with. I no longer go to the group.
    Nora Ephron (b. 1941)

    I have yfounde in myn astrologye,
    As I have looked in the moone bright,
    That now a Monday next, at quarter night,
    Shal falle a rain, and that so wilde and wood,
    That half so greet was nevere Noees flood.
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)

    You’ve gotten in through the transom
    and you can’t get out
    till Monday morning or, worse,
    till the cops come.
    Philip Levine (b. 1928)