Modern Music

Modern music may refer to:

  • 20th-century music
  • 20th-century classical music
  • 21st-century classical music
  • Contemporary classical music
  • Modernism (music)
  • Modern rock
  • Popular music

Famous quotes containing the words modern and/or music:

    ... it must be obvious that in the agitation preceding the enactment of [protective] laws the zeal of the reformers would be second to the zeal of the highly paid night-workers who are anxious to hold their trade against an invasion of skilled women. To this sort of interference with her working life the modern woman can have but one attitude: I am not a child.
    Crystal Eastman (1881–1928)

    How little it takes to make us happy! The sound of a bagpipe.—Without music life would be a mistake. The German even imagines God as singing songs.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)