MN may stand for:

  • Amun, an ancient Egyptian deity
  • Amen
  • Manhattan
  • Master of nursing
  • Manipur (IN-MN), a state in northeast India
  • Mantova, an Italian province and city
  • European Mammal Neogene zone, a unit of the geologic time scale
  • Maple Neck, a specification on guitars
  • Majjhima Nikaya, a part of the Buddhist Tripitaka
  • Metro-North Railroad
  • Minnesota, a state in the United States whose postal abbreviation is "MN"
  • Min (god), an ancient Egyptian deity
  • Million (Mn or mn)
  • Monaghan Irish Registration code
  • Mongolia ISO 3166-1 country code
  • Monaco FIPS 10-4 country code
  • Montenegro
  • MN (film)
  • Mongolian language ISO 639-1 code
  • Mosin-Nagant, a Russian military rifle
  • IATA airline designator
  • Mini Ninjas, a video game
  • M.N., the abbreviation for the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

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