ml may refer to:

  • millilitre (also spelled milliliter; symbol mL, ml, or mℓ), a thousandth of a litre (an SI unit of capacity) — not to be mixed up with millilambert
  • Malayalam language ISO 639-1 code
  • Mali, ISO 3166-1 country code
  • .ml, the top-level Internet domain for Mali

mL may refer to:

  • millilambert, a thousandth of a lambert, an old non-SI unit of luminance — not to be mixed up with millilitre

ML may refer to:

  • Major League Baseball, usually abbreviated "MLB", but sometimes simply "ML"
  • Some models of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class (e.g. ML320, ML430)
  • Marxism-Leninism
  • Medieval Latin
  • Megalitre (also spelled megaliter; symbol ML, Ml, or Mℓ),
  • Merrill Lynch, an investment bank
  • Midway Airlines (ML) IATA airline designator
  • Monolayer, a term used in chemistry, physics and biology
  • Motor Launch, a type of small Royal Navy vessel used by British Coastal Forces
  • A holder of the Mountain Leader Award, a UK qualification for leading groups in the mountains, hills and moorlands of the United Kingdom and Ireland in summer conditions
  • Mountain Leader, a rank within the British Royal Marines
  • Movimiento Libertario, a libertarian political party in Costa Rica
  • Muzzle-loading, a firearms-related term that commonly applies to black powder small arms
  • Richter local magnitude (ML), used to measure energy released in earthquakes
  • A Unified Soil Classification System symbol for silt
  • Roman numeral for 1050
  • Multiple Locations, a shipping term used to indicate that an item can be shipped from more than one place
  • Melilla, an autonomous city of Spain
  • Malcolm Lincoln, as an Estonian band
  • ML postcode area, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • MartinLogan, an American speaker company

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