Mizuki Watanabe (渡辺 みづき, Watanabe Mizuki?, born March 6, 1981 in Kitami, Hokkaidō, Japan), better known simply as Miz, is a Japanese pop/rock singer and actress. Though most of her music is released in Japan, she does her work primarily from Gotland, Sweden, mainly doing promotional videos, photo shoots, and recording there. She originally debuted in 1999 under Universal Music Japan using her real name, Watanabe Mizuki releasing two singles. In 2003 she begun to work with Swedish producer Tord Backstrom, and debuted under Victor Entertainment with the pseudonym Miz in 2004. That same year, Watanabe released an English album in Sweden, with the lead single "Waiting" reaching #8 on the Hitlistan Swedish singles chart. In 2007 Watanabe returned to Universal Music Japan, changed her stage name to Mizrock, and released her first mini-album Good bye, yesterday and three singles, however in 2009 she announced on her official blog she changed her stage name back to Miz. Her biggest hits in Japan are "New Day" and "In The Sky", the theme song for the Square Enix role-playing video game Grandia III.

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