Mixed Doubles

Mixed Doubles may refer to:

  • Mixed curling
  • Mixed doubles (tennis)
  • Badminton#Mixed doubles
  • Mixed Doubles (play), a 1969 British play
  • "Mixed Doubles" (Frasier), an episode of the American television comedy series Frasier
  • Mixed Doubles (film), a 2006 Indian film directed by Rajat Kapoor

Famous quotes containing the words mixed and/or doubles:

    What an antithetical mind!—tenderness, roughness—delicacy, coarseness—sentiment, sensuality—soaring and grovelling, dirt and deity—all mixed up in that one compound of inspired clay!
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)

    Despots play their part in the works of thinkers. Fettered words are terrible words. The writer doubles and trebles the power of his writing when a ruler imposes silence on the people. Something emerges from that enforced silence, a mysterious fullness which filters through and becomes steely in the thought. Repression in history leads to conciseness in the historian, and the rocklike hardness of much celebrated prose is due to the tempering of the tyrant.
    Victor Hugo (1802–1885)