Mithun, Midhun, Mithen can refer to:

  • Methun, another name for gayal, the domesticated form of the gaur cattle species
  • Methun, one of the names of the Hindu god Krishna
  • Methun, a month in the Hindu calendar
  • Methun, means patient in Sanskrit

First Name

  • Marianne Mithun (born 1946), scholar of American Indian languages
  • Mithun Ali (born 1990), Bangladeshi cricketer
  • Mithun Chakraborty (born 1950), Hindi movie actor
  • Mithun Manhas (born 1979), Indian cricketer
  • Mithun Tejaswi, Indian actor


  • Anthony Mithen
  • Laurie Mithen
  • Steven Mithen


  • Mithun, Inc, an integrated design firm in Seattle, Washington, USA.
  • Campbell Mithun, an American advertising agency