Miscellaneous Class

The Miscellaneous Class is an American Kennel Club designation for certain dog breeds that are currently in the AKC Foundation Stock Service (FSS) Program. The breeds have not been fully recognized and have not yet been assigned to a breed group. They do not appear in the official Stud Book as an AKC recognized breed. They may become fully recognized after substantial, sustained nationwide interest and activity in the breed exists. This includes an active parent club, with serious and expanding breeding activity over a wide geographic area.

Once the breed is accepted into the miscellaneous class, dogs may continue to compete in the AKC Companion Events and are then eligible to compete in Performance Events and Junior Showmanship. They may also compete in conformation shows, but cannot earn championship points.

Other kennel clubs and dog organizations and businesses may use the designation Miscellaneous Class or Miscellaneous Dog Breeds, which may be defined in some other way.

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