Miracle Machine

The Miracle Machine is a fictitious device in the DC Comics universe. The machine first appeared in Adventure Comics #367, April 1968.

It was created by the Controllers no later than 2960, and given as a gift to the Legion of Super-Heroes in the late 30th century for their work in defeating a renegade Controller. It has the power to convert thoughts into reality.

Brainiac 5 has stated that the Machine's technology was reverse-engineered from that of the Guardians' Green Lantern tech (i.e. willpower in manipulable form), though this detail is only accurate in post-52 continuity. The dying New God Darkseid mockingly describes the Miracle Machine as a cargo cult Mother Box, highlighting the similarities between the two items in the DC Universe, able to provide seemingly limitless alteration of the most basic physics law at will.

The Miracle Machine had been featured in stories only four times in the pre-Crisis era DC Universe, and just twice in the post-Crisis era DC Universe, most recently at end of Final Crisis.

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