Military of Croatia - Defence Reforms

Defence Reforms

The Croatian government has implemented series of defence reforms with several important goals. These goals are meant to reduce the number of personnel serving in the military. By 2010, the Croatian military will have 20,400 military personnel including 1600 civilian personnel.

  • Plans to reduce the number of servicemen and non-combat personnel;
    • Plans to cut the army from its current number of 16,000 personnel to 12,000 personnel.
    • Plans to cut the number of Air Force personnel to 2,000 from the current number of 2,700.
    • Plans to cut the number of Naval personnel to around 1,800. (implemented)
    • Reserve status personnel to be cut from 32,000 to 6,000 by 2010.
    • Introduction of professional and voluntary service. (implemented)

Force 2010:

  • Croatian Army: 14,000 + 2000 volunteers,
  • Croatian Navy: 2,000
  • Croatian Air Force: 2,000
  • Support/logistics/Special Forces and HQ: 3,000
  • Total active military personnel: 23,000
  • Civilians: 1,600

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