Militant Socialist Movement

The Militant Socialist Movement (French: Mouvement Socialiste Militant)is a centre-left political party in Mauritius that adheres to the philosophies of socialism and political democracy. It is the 3rd largest political party in the National Assembly. It has in all 13 seats directly elected from the 2010 general elections. It is one of the three biggest political parties in the country, the others being the Mauritian Labour Party and Mauritian Militant Movement.

The Militant Socialist Movement emerged in 1983 out of the split between then coalition government led by MMM leader Paul Berenger and Mauritian Socialist Party led by Harish Boodhoo. The two parties which formed a coalition government from 1982 broke their alliance just 19 months after. Sir Anerood Jugnauth who was prime minister and the president of the MMM made an agreement with Harish Boodhoo. The coalition broke and Jugnauth parted ways with his leader Berenger and associated him with a new party with dissidents from the Mauritian Socialist Party and the MMM members who were not in agreement with Berenger. The people along with Jugnauth as Leader formed the MSM.

The MSM is a party led by the historical & political Jugnauth family in Mauritius. The creator of the party is Sir Anerood Jugnauth who has been prime minister for 16 years and president for 8 years. He has been party leader from 1983 to 2003. In 2003, his son Pravind Jugnauth won the elections for leadership of the party and therefore has been leader since 2003 and is Vice Prime Minister in the coalition government from 2010. The party also had other members of the Jugnauth family starting with Lall Jugnauth (who is former Attorney General), Ashok Jugnauth (former Minister of Health) and Maya Hanoomanjee, (also former Minister of Health]].

It is the only party to form the government winning 3 general elections in a row. It formed the government of the country in 1983, 1987, 1991,2000 and lastly 2010. At the legislative elections of 11 September 2000, the party was part of a coalition of the Militant Socialist Movement and the Mauritian Militant Movement that won 51.7% and 58 out of 70 seats. It became opposition party in 2005 after the victory of its main opponent, Alliance Sociale. In the 2005 elections, 3 July 2005, the party lost from 29 seats to 11 seats.

In Mauritian parliamentary elections held in 2010, it became part of the coalition government alongside with the Mauritian Labour Party and the Mauritian Social Democrat Party. It governs with Labour party Leader Navin Ramgoolam as Prime Minister. Their coalition won 45 seats in parliament.

As from August 2011, the MSM left the Ptr-MSM-PMSD and thus break the alliance and was left with 11 Mps as two members stayed in the cabinet as independents. The party is therefore the second opposition party after the MMM. As of 2011, the front bench of the MSM is composed of four members namely, Pravind Jugnauth (Leader), Nando Bodha (Secretary General), Showkatally Soodhun (President) & Leela Devi Dookhun (Vice President).

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