Miki Mizuasa - Life and Career

Life and Career

Miki Mizuasa was born June 11, 1980 and has been active in adult video work in Japan since 2004. The box covers from several of her videos have her name as Miki Miasa and she did at least one video early in her career as Miki Fuda. She has been called "one of the most popular transsexual performers in Japan". Mizuasa is a pre-operative transsexual, in that she has transitioned to female in all respects except undergoing genital surgery. The Japanese slang term for such individuals is "new half" (ニューハーフ) and this term is also used for this genre of Japanese porn. It is equivalent to the English porn term "shemale" and both are considered pejorative when applied to individuals.

Mizuasa has made videos with other transsexual actresses, including several with Hime Tsukino, but she has also appeared with mainstream male and female actors engaging in sex both actively and passively. In 2006, she was in Hotaru Akane, New Half, and I with prolific AV actress Hotaru Akane and in 2008 in First and Last Time An Nanba & Triple She-Male Ganbang Opera Special with idol An Nanba. A 2008 SOD video New Half Public Bath, co-starring Hime Tsukino, has the actresses at a Japanese public bath being welcomed in both the male and female sections and having sex with both clienteles. The steamy action is all captured on "hidden cameras". Mizuasa made her first "uncensored" video (without the usual mosaic pixelation to obscure the genitals) for Oriental Dream in May 2008. The video, J-Girls With Cocks, co-stars Hime Tsukino and is released internationally by V&R International. Starting in August 2008, Mizuasa has made a number of movies for the AV studio Cross with Maki Tomoda, Miruku Aima, and others, several of them directed by Dragon Nishikawa.

In late 2008, she also started working with US company Grooby Productions for their website SheMaleJapan.com in a series of uncensored photo shoots.

Transsexual videos are still a fairly small niche market in Japanese pornography - in September 2011, major video distributor DMM (part of the Hokuto Corporation) listed nearly 1200 videos with the "new half" tag out of an inventory of almost 160,000 videos - but they are now reaching the mainstream market and have increased in popularity and sales. With this new popularity, several actresses have emerged as true AV Idols, including Mizuasa, Hime Tsukino, Maria Tominaga and Miruku Aima As a measure of her status in the AV world, Mizuasa was selected as one of 12 nominees for the Best Actress award at the 2007 Adult Broadcasting Awards In addition, two of her 2007 videos were nominated by their studios as entries in the 2008 AV Grand Prix contest, The Best Triple She-Male with Haruka Yabuki and Maria Tominaga from Opera, and the transsexual compilation video Shemale & Celebrity from Alpha International.

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