Mikawa may refer to:

Places in Japan
  • Mikawa Province, an old province of Japan
  • Mikawa, Yamagata, a town in Yamagata Prefecture
  • Mikawa, Ishikawa, former town in Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Mikawa, Kumamoto, former town in Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Mikawa, Yamaguchi, former town in Yamaguchi Prefecture
  • Mikawa, Ehime, former village in Ehime Prefecture
  • Mikawa, Niigata, former village in Niigata Prefecture
  • Gunichi Mikawa, admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II
  • Kenichi Mikawa, Japanese TV star, comedian and singer
Other uses
  • Mikawa dialect, dialect of Japanese spoken in Mikawa Province in eastern Aichi Prefecture. It is also known as "Mikawa-ben"