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During a 1981 interview contents of which were revealed by 2000 CIA declassified documents, Michael Townley explained that CORU member Novo Sampol had agreed to commit the Cuban Nationalist Movement in the Buenos Aires kidnapping of a president of a Dutch bank by the civilian the Argentine intelligence agency SIDE to obtain a ransom. Townley said Novo Sampol provided $6.000 from the Cuban Nationalist Movement, forwarded to SIDE for expenses in preparing the kidnapping. After returning to the US, Novo Sampol sent Townley a stock of paper used to print pamphlets in the name of "Grupo Rojo" (Red Group), an imaginary Argentine Marxist terrorist organisation which was to claim credit for the kidnapping. Townley claimed the pamphlets were distributed in Mendoza and Córdoba in relation with false flag bombings perpetrated by SIDE agents which had as their aim to accredit the existence of the fake Grupo Rojo. However the SIDE agents procrastinated too much and the kidnapping was finally canceled.

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