Memphis International Airport - Facilities and Aircraft

Facilities and Aircraft

Memphis International Airport covers an area of 3,900 acres (1,600 ha) which contains four paved runways:

  • Runway 18C/36C: 11,120 ft × 150 ft (3,389 m × 46 m), Surface: Concrete
  • Runway 18L/36R: 9,000 ft × 150 ft (2,743 m × 46 m), Surface: Concrete
  • Runway 18R/36L: 9,320 ft × 150 ft (2,841 m × 46 m), Surface: Concrete
  • Runway 9/27: 8,946 ft × 150 ft (2,727 m × 46 m), Surface: Asphalt.

Runway 9/27 reopened for traffic on 30 November 2009 after nine months of resurfacing. The new runway has a more durable concrete surface, and opened in time for the peak of the FedEx shipping season.

For the 12-month period ending December 31, 2006, the airport had 392,883 aircraft operations, an average of 1,076 per day: 57% scheduled commercial, 34% air taxi, 9% general aviation, and <1% military. There are 110 aircraft based at this airport: 46% jet, 26% multi-engine, 19% single-engine, and 8% military.

The Memphis Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) is located on the airport grounds at 3229 Democrat Road, TN 38118.

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