Megatron - Transformers



Megatron as he appears in Dark of the Moon
Sub-group Fast Action Battlers, Leaders, Micro Vehicles, Voyagers, Triple Changers
Function Decepticon Leader
Rank 10
Partner The Fallen, Starscream, Soundwave, Blackout, Barricade, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Rampage, Scrapper, Dylan Gould, Sentinel Prime and Shockwave
Motto "Peace through tyranny.", "There is no command but mine!"
Alternate Modes Cybertronian Jet]/Cybertronian Flying Tank/Mack Titan Tank Truck
Series Transformers film series
Transformers (2010)
English voice actor Hugo Weaving (Transformers films and leader class figures)
Frank Welker (animated prequel, 2007 video game, 2009 video game)
Fred Tatasciore (2011 video game)
Tony Gialluca II (Cyber Missions)
Japanese voice actor Kotaro Nakamura

In the 2007 live action Transformers film, Megatron's alternate mode is a Cybertronian jet. He serves as the main antagonist of the first movie and secondary antagonist of the two sequels. The apparent explanation for the departure from his gun form is that director Michael Bay does not want to include any sort of size changing in the transformations, which the writers described as "cheating". (This significant change in size is known in Transformers fan communities as "mass shifting" & "mass displacement".) In one of the special features on the DVD, G1 Megatron's transformation was likened to Darth Vader turning into his own lightsaber to be wielded by someone else. Additionally, Bay states in the DVD that Megatron's face was originally different from the one shown in the film, but he asked it to be redesigned due to fans reacting with strong opposition to it once Megatron's design was unveiled before the film was completed.

In the second film, Megatron gains a different alternate mode, that of a flying Cybertronian tank. In the third film, Megatron receives another different alternate mode, that being a Mack 10-wheeler tanker truck (a demented version of Optimus Prime's alternate mode) with a tarp which may act as a cowl to partially hide Megatron's face due to extensive damage he received in the second film.

Actor Hugo Weaving provides the voice of Megatron in the films. His voice in the series seems to have been modulated to give it a deeper, growling tone as well as the other voice actors. The original voice of Megatron, Frank Welker, provides his voice for the official video games of the movies (with Dark of the Moon as the exception, where he was voiced by Fred Tatasciore), along with the exclusive animated prequel.

Like all characters in the film, Megatron was redesigned for purposes of realism and focus on the alien aspect of the Transformer race. However, he still retains some minor aspects of his Generation 1 design. As shown in the film, he can transform his right hand into a gun, combine both of his arms to form his iconic fusion cannon, and can transform his right arm into a steel flail. In the second film, after Megatron's resurrection, his right arm can transform into the fusion cannon in its entirety, coupled with a lobster claw-like blade/crushing device. In the third film, Instead of using a fusion cannon integrated into his arm, he uses a handheld version of it, which resembles a human shotgun, specifically a Lupara.

According to an early interview with Michael Bay, Megatron stands at 41 feet(11.0M) tall, but according to his profile in the second issue of the Transformers UK comic Megatron stands "35 feet (10.6 m) tall" and weighs 8.6 tons. Additionally, the magazine and the Movie Guide states he is powered by a self-regenerating dark matter power core. Hasbro have now said that Megatron officially stands 35 feet and weighs in at 5.7 metric tons.

BotCon Malaysia 2007 featured a parking space which was "Reserved for Megatron". A car parked in the space had been totaled, presumably by the Decepticon leader for taking his spot.

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