MEG is an acronym and may refer to:

  • Ethylene glycol (MEG), chemical compound used as automotive antifreeze
  • Madras Engineer Group (MEG), regiment of the Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army
  • Maghreb-Europe Gas Pipeline (MEG)
  • Magnetoencephalography (MEG), neuroimaging technique
  • The Mu to E Gamma (MEG) experiment
  • MEG, airport code for Malange Airport in Angola
  • MEG, NYSE symbol for Media General
  • MEG, album by R&B singer Megan Rochell
  • Midland Examining Group (MEG), defunct examination board in the UK
  • Motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG), purported perpetual motion machine
  • Multiple exciton generation (MEG), quantum electronics
  • Museum Ethnographers Group (MEG), UK based international collective of Museum Ethnographers
  • Meg (singer), who styles her name "MEG"

Famous quotes containing the word meg:

    O bid me mount and sail up there
    Amid the cloudy wrack,
    For Peg and Meg and Paris’ love
    That had so straight a back,
    Are gone away, and some that stay
    Have changed their silk for sack.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)