Media of Pakistan

Media Of Pakistan

Media in Pakistan provides information on television, radio, cinema, newspapers, and magazines in Pakistan. Veteran dissident and intellectual Noam Chomsky stated in an interview which he repeated some of his well-known comments about the control of the media, he said: “I spent three weeks in India and a week in Pakistan. A friend of mine here, (he was in London when he was interviewed) Iqbal Ahmed, told me that I would be surprised to find that the media in Pakistan is more open, free and vibrant than that in India.” He added: “In Pakistan, I listened to and read the media which go to a increasingly large part of the population. Apparently, the government, no matter how repressive it is, is willing to say to them that you have your fun, we are not going to bother you. So they don’t interfere with it.”

Christine Fair, a senior political analyst and specialist in South Asian political and military affairs at the Rand Corporation praised the Pakistani Media as a role model and an example for other Muslim countries to follow by stating "The only hope for Pakistanis is that the media will continue to mobilise people. The media have done a great job, even if they are at times very unprofessional, and have to come to term with the limits between journalism and political engagement."

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