McKinney Avenue Transit Authority

The McKinney Avenue Transit Authority (MATA), a non-profit organization, operates the M-line Streetcar in Dallas, Texas (USA). The offices and car barn are located at 3153 Oak Grove, Dallas, TX 75204. It is an example of a heritage streetcar running historic cars. The main stretch of the M-line runs down McKinney Avenue in Uptown.

The M-line Streetcar is free to the public, thanks to a joint operating subsidy received from Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) and the Uptown Improvement District. DART designates the streetcar as route 825 at transit stops.

The M-line Streetcar connects with the DART light rail station at Cityplace Station on the Red and Blue lines. The downtown end of the line currently terminates at the corner of Ross and St. Paul near the Dallas Museum of Art, but there are plans to extend the M-line further into downtown.

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