Mauro may refer to:


  • Michael Mauro, (b. 1948), Iowa Secretary of State
  • Philip Mauro(1859-1952), lawyer and author
  • Brian Mauro (1964-present), American soldier and professional pianist

Given name:

  • Fra Mauro, 15th century Venetian Camaldolese monk and mapmaker
  • Mauro Ranallo, Canadian sports announcer
  • Mauro Barella, Italian pole vaulter
  • Mauro Blanco, Bolivian football (soccer) player
  • Mauro Camoranesi, Italian-Argentine World Cup-winning football (soccer) player
  • Mauro Esposito, Italian football (soccer) player
  • Mauro Ramos, Brazilian football (soccer) player
  • Mauro Rosales, Argentine football (soccer) player
  • Mauro Prosperi, Italian police officer and pentathlete
  • Mauro Pawlowski, Belgian contemporary musician
  • Mauro Silva, Brazilian World Cup-winning football (soccer) player
  • Mauro Z├írate, Argentine football (soccer) player


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