Mas or Más may refer to:

  • Mas (surname), a surname

In arts:

  • Más (album), an album by Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz
  • "Más", a song by Kinky from their 2002 album Kinky
  • Más (Nelly Furtado song), a song by Nelly Furtado from her 2009 album Mi Plan
  • Más (Ricky Martin song), a song by Ricky Martin from his 2011 album Música + Alma + Sexo
  • Más y Menos, fictional superhero characters, from the Teen Titans animated television series
  • "Mas" (Breaking Bad), a season three episode of Breaking Bad

In places:

  • Mas de las Matas, a town in Aragón, Spain
  • Mas (Provençal farmhouse), traditional farmhouse in Provence, France
  • Masio, town in Alessandria Province, Piedmont, Italy

MAS may stand for:

In academics

  • Master of Advanced Studies, an academic degree
  • Master of Advanced Study, a professional degree
  • Master of Applied Science, a professional degree
  • Master of Archival Studies, a professional degree

In computing:

  • MAS 90, the first in a series of accounting software sold by Sage Software
  • Micro-Architecture Specification, term used in computer engineering, typically a certain type of documentation for microprocessor design, see Computer architecture
  • Microsoft AntiSpyware, an anti-spyware program released by Microsoft in 2005
  • Motu Audio System, now known as Digital Performer, audio sequencer software published by Mark of the Unicorn
  • Mozilla Application Suite, a combination web browser, email client, and newsgroup reader
  • Multi-agent system, a system built around multiple autonomous entities which interact
  • Media Application Server, a Multimedia framework
  • Mac App Store, the online software market built into Apple's OS X operating system.

In politics:

  • Mouvement pour une Alternative Socialiste (Movement for a Socialist Alternative), a Belgian Trotskyist organization
  • Movement for Socialism (Argentina) (Movimiento al Socialismo), an Argentine political party
  • Movement toward Socialism (Bolivia) (Movimiento al Socialismo), a Bolivian political party
  • Movement toward Socialism (Venezuela) (Movimiento al Socialismo), a Venezuelan political party
  • Muerte a Secuestradores (Death to Kidnappers), a Colombian paramilitary group

In science:

  • Magic angle spinning, a technique used in solid state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
  • Mandibular advancement splint, a device used to treat sleep apnea
  • Marker assisted selection, a genome-tagging technique
  • Meconium aspiration syndrome,Neonatal aspiration of meconium
  • Milliampere-second (mAs), a fraction of an ampere-hour, a unit of electric charge
  • Milliarcsecond (mas), a unit of angular measurement
  • McCune–Albright_syndrome, a genetic disorder which results in precocious puberty


  • Malaysia Airlines, government-owned flag carrier of Malaysia, styled MAS all uppercase
  • Malaysia
  • Football Association of Malaysia, MAS in FIFA official reports, FAM
  • Museum Aan de Stroom, museum in the city of Antwerp
  • MAS (boat), Italian Motor Torpedo Boats of the 20th century
  • Macrophage-activation syndrome
  • Malaysia Airlines (ICAO: MAS), the international airline of Malaysia
  • Manufacture d'armes de Saint-Étienne, a French government arms factory
  • MAS-49 rifle, a French semiautomatic rifle manufactured by the above
  • MasAir, a cargo airline based in Mexico City
  • Mezzi d'Assalto, (Assault Vehicle), as in the unit name Decima Flottiglia MAS
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore's central bank
  • Mongolian Academy of Sciences, a Mongolian college
  • Municipal Art Society, an Urban Planning organization based in New York City.
  • Museums Association of Saskatchewan, a non-profit organization based in Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Muslim American Society, an Islamic revival and reform movement.
  • Mutual Admiration Society (collaboration), a musical collaboration between Glen Phillips and Nickel Creek.
  • Macarthur Astronomical Society, a non-profit organization based in Sydney, Australia.