Maria Angelina Doukaina Palaiologina - Ancestry


Ancestors of Maria Angelina Doukaina Palaiologina
16. Stephen Uroš I of Serbia
8. Stephen Uroš II Milutin of Serbia
17. Helena of Anjou
4. Stephen Uroš III Dečanski of Serbia
18. George I Terter of Bulgaria
9. Anna Terter of Bulgaria
19. Kira Maria Asenina of Bulgaria
2. Simeon Uroš
20. Constantine Palaiologos, porphyrogénnētos
10. John Palaiologos, despotes in Macedonia
21. Irene Raoulaina
5. Maria Palaiologina
22. Theodore Metochites, megas logothetis
11. Irene Metochitissa
1. Maria Angelina Doukaina Palaiologina
24. Richard I Orsini
12. John I Orsini, despotes in Epirus
6. John II Orsini
26. Nikephoros I Komnenos Doukas
13. Maria Komnene Doukaina Angelina
27. Anna Palaiologina Kantakouzene
3. Thomais Orsini
28. Michael (Demetrios) Komnenos Doukas, despotes in Epirus
14. Andronikos Palaiologos Angelos
29. Anna Terter of Bulgaria
7. Anna Palaiologina Angelina
30. Georgios Kokalas
15. X Kokala

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