Who is sir william schwenck gilbert?

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    That celebrated,
    The Duke of Plaza-Toro!
    —Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (1836–1911)

    I love my fellow creatures—I do all the good I can —
    Yet everybody says I’m such a disagreeable man!
    Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (1836–1911)

    There are a sort of men whose visages
    Do cream and mantle like a standing pond,
    And do a willful stillness entertain,
    With purpose to be dressed in an opinion
    Of wisdom, gravity, profound conceit,
    As who should say, “I am Sir Oracle,
    And when I ope my lips let no dog bark!”
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    We agree fully that the mother and unborn child demand special consideration. But so does the soldier and the man maimed in industry. Industrial conditions that are suitable for a stalwart, young, unmarried woman are certainly not equally suitable to the pregnant woman or the mother of young children. Yet “welfare” laws apply to all women alike. Such blanket legislation is as absurd as fixing industrial conditions for men on a basis of their all being wounded soldiers would be.
    National Woman’s Party, quoted in Everyone Was Brave. As, ch. 8, by William L. O’Neill (1969)

    That most ingenious paradox!
    We’ve quips and quibbles heard in flocks,
    But none to beat that paradox!
    —Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (1836–1911)

    And that singular anomaly, the lady novelist—
    I don’t think she’d be missed—I’m sure she’d not be
    —Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (1836–1911)