Margin may refer to:

  • Margin (economics)
  • Margin (finance), a type of financial collateral used to cover credit risk
  • Margin (typography), the white space that surrounds the content of a page
  • Margin (machine learning), the distance between a decision boundary and a data point
  • Margin, Iran, a village in Qazvin Province
  • Continental margin, the zone of the ocean floor that separates the thin oceanic crust from thick continental crust
  • Marginal frequency distribution in statistics
  • Leaf margin, the edge of a leaf blade
  • USS Margin (SP-2119), also ID-2119, a United States Navy patrol boat in commission from 1918 to 1919

Famous quotes containing the word margin:

    I love a broad margin to my life.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Everything that explains the world has in fact explained a world that does not exist, a world in which men are at the center of the human enterprise and women are at the margin “helping” them. Such a world does not exist—never has.
    Gerda Lerner (b. 1920)

    Then he rang the bell and ordered a ham sandwich. When the maid placed the plate on the table, he deliberately looked away but as soon as the door had shut, he grabbed the sandwich with both hands, immediately soiled his fingers and chin with the hanging margin of fat and, grunting greedily, began to much.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)