Marcus, Markus, or Márkus is a common given name and a family name. See Marcus (name).

Marcus may also refer to: a do

In places

  • Marcus, Iowa, United States
  • Marcus, Washington, United States
  • Marcus Island, Japan, also known as Minami Torishima
  • Mărcuş, a village in Dobârlău Commune, Covasna County, Romania

In people

  • Marcus (comedian), finalist on Last Comic Standing season 6
  • Marcus (Marcosian), founder of the Marcosian Christian heretic sect
  • Marcus (Manichean), Manichean missionary in Spain
  • Marcus (usurper) (died 407), Roman usurper emperor in Britain, 406–407
  • Marcus (son of Basiliscus), son and co-emperor of Basiliscus
  • Marcus Dillistone, Royal Premiered British Film Director.
  • Marcus Allen, Hall-of-Fame, former NFL running back for the Raiders and the Chiefs

In music

  • Marcus (album), 2008 album by Marcus Miller