Marabella is a former town in southern Trinidad, between San Fernando (to the south) and Pointe-à-Pierre (to the north). Originally a separate town, it was incorporated into the City of San Fernando in the 1990s.

Marabella is home to the Manny Ramjohn Stadium, one of the four major stadia in Trinidad and Tobago.

Nicknamed "The City That Never Sleeps," the city is always active as its nightlife of food vending and bars goes almost 24/7. Marabella provides a melting pot for the wide ethnic groups to "lime" and "ole talk".

Marabella's location near the Solomon Hochoy highway and Southern Main Road makes accessibility to all parts of Trinidad easy. This accessibility cuts down commuting time and thus many people choose to live in the area.

Marabella is home to several hot spots such as House Of Flava Rest & Lounge, Amin Roti shop, Belair store, the Southern Marines Pan-Yard, Morris Chang Grocery, Trinpad, Riverside Road, Hobosco Theater (Now Pegasus Members Club), Glasses Rum Shop,and the green house in marabella since the st romain family have been painting it green since the 1980's etc. he most popular place is The Classic Seamen Hotel (formerly Villa Capri Hotel).

Marabella is also known as the southern city that doesn't sleep.

Marabella, like many other areas in Trinidad, has a large population living below the poverty line in areas such as Bay Road and The Line. Marabella is also known for its highly skilled street footballers.

Coordinates: 10°18′N 61°27′W / 10.3°N 61.45°W / 10.3; -61.45