Manisha is the Hindu goddess of the mind.It is also commonly used as a name for girls esp. in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka the countries where Hinduism is a major religion. Manisha is a complex name with several layers of meaning. Popularly, it symbolizes intelligence and desire.In Hinduism, Manisha is also one of the 108 names for Devi, the Hindu goddess who embodies the feminine principle of the Universe. The name Manisha glorifies the Goddess' sharp intellect, genius, and sagacity.

In Sanskrit it also refers to the sublime state to which ancient sages aspired to reach. Alternately, some scholars hold that the name derives from Muni (term for revered ancient Indian sages) and Isha (the essence of the ultimate reward or the nirvana that sages meditate for forsaking all material and worldly wants). Put together means "that which the heart most deeply desires."

Another meaning of Manisha is daughter of mankind. In Hinduism, Manu was the first male created by God and a pious king. Manisha, derived from Manu, means a daughter that belongs to all mankind. Manisha has shown her love and peace to everyone.