Maciej Michalski

Maciej Michalski (born 26 November 1981) is a Polish Film Director, popularly known for creating video clips for the Polish singer Justyna Steczkowska.

Maciej Michalski’s latest motion pictures a tale of three women who are his close friends. As he shows them interacting, he plunges into a world of emotion, magic, mysterious plants and exquisite candle-lit interiors.

Michalski has searched old buildings, palaces and gardens looking for proper images to serve for his location shots. The interest comes naturally as he himself lives in a magical place near Konin. His entire childhood was filled with his grandmother’s and mother’s vivid storytelling, music and art. One of his grandfathers played the accordion, the other was a painter.

Michalski plays the violin and piano. His home, rife with fine objects, is surrounded by an old park, ruins of a palace, a pond and willows.

The SCANDA movie soundtrack is a gift from Justyna Steczkowska. She described it as pieces of music jotted down on a D perfume box. The movie’s imagery unfolds to the sound of “Bulrush Will Rock Us To Sleep”, interspersed with sound of crickets … Not a single word is spoken throughout the film. Its only verbal message is an inscription on the back of one of the women.

Michalski has been inspired by old master painters. As he applies techniques of the old, he insists on adding a contemporary touch and leaving his own stamp on his work.

He strongly believes artists have an obligation to show their own truth about the world and how they feel.

Having completed SCANDA and many music videos, he made new picture featuring Justyna Steczkowska – THE DOLL’S HOUSE.

Maciej Michalski since 2005 is a member of the artistic group BETWEEN US which is promoting art and film around Europe.

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