Mace may refer to:

  • Mace (club), a weapon with a heavy head on a solid shaft used to bludgeon opponents
    • Flail (weapon), a spiked weapon on a chain
    • Ceremonial mace, an ornamented mace used in civic ceremonies
  • Mace (spray), a brand of tear gas, often used by police
    • Mace Security International (company), a pepper spray manufacturer in the US
  • Mace, the forerunner of the cue in early cue sports that was generally used to shove rather than strike the cue ball
  • Mace (spice), a spice similar to nutmeg
  • Mace (company), a construction firm in the UK
  • Mace (store), a convenience store chain in the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Mace (unit), an English term for a traditional Chinese measurement of weight
  • MGM-13 Mace, a U.S. tactical surface-to-surface missile
  • Mace: The Dark Age, a 1997 fighting game for arcades and the Nintendo 64
  • Major Atmospheric Cerenkov Experiment Telescope, a telescope being built by ECIL to be placed at Hanle

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