Lunch No Joō - Episodes - Season One (2002)

Season One (2002)

Ep# Title Original air date
1 "An omelette with rice which you love (恋するオムライス?)" ?
2 "Now Serving: The New Summer Love Menu! (登場!夏の恋の新メニュー?)" ?
3 "Cream Corokke... of Tears (涙…のクリーム・コロッケ?)" ?
4 "Check Out this Chicken & Rice Properly, Ok! (チキンライスをキチンとね?)" ?
5 "More, please! Puffy rice (おかわり!ふっくらごはん?)" ?
6 "Father's Last Children's Lunch (Dad's Last Happy Meal) (親父の最後のお子様ランチ?)" ?
7 "A hamburger steak! An old lover!! (ハンバーグ!昔の恋人!!?)" ?
8 "A cutlet! A dangerous… and sad past (カツ!危険で…悲しい過去?)" ?
9 "Former he who is in danger and a rival of love (危険な元彼と恋のライバル?)" ?
10 "Seriously? A sudden kiss and accelerated love (マジ!?突然キスと恋の加速?)" ?
11 "Proposal to elder brother's wife (兄嫁にプロポーズ ?)" ?
12 "The Reason for Lunch on Earth - Big Brother Returns! Who will be the victor in the battle of love? (地球上にランチがある理由 - 長男帰る! 恋のバトルの勝者は??)" ?

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