Lugaru: The Rabbit's Foot ( /ˈluːɡəruː/) is the first commercial video game created by Wolfire Games. It is a cross-platform, 3D action game for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux. It features Turner, an anthropomorphic rabbit with curiously well-developed combat skills.

Lugaru was made almost solely by David Rosen, including the game engine, models, animations and story. It was one of the first independently produced video games to employ ragdoll physics. It uses a combat system basing attacks and counters on timing and context rather than different key combinations. It was well reviewed and was fairly well received among the shareware community, especially among Mac users. Tim Soret would later improve the game's textures, and Wolfire currently sells this version as Lugaru HD.

The name Lugaru is a phonetic spelling of "loup-garou", which is French for werewolf. The word "Lugaru" is commonly pronounced as loogaroo.

David Rosen has announced that Overgrowth will be the sequel to Lugaru.

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