Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor or Love Thy Neighbour may also refer to:

  • the Biblical phrase from Leviticus and the New Testament about the Ethic of reciprocity
  • Love Thy Neighbor (book), the book by Peter Maass
  • Love Thy Neighbor: The Tory Diary of Prudence Emerson, a novel in the Dear America series
  • Love Thy Neighbor (1940 film), the 1940 American film
  • Love Thy Neighbor (1984 film), the 1984 American television-film
  • Love Thy Neighbor (2003 film), a direct to video animated film directed by Tony Bancroft
  • Love Thy Neighbor (2005 film), with Scott Wolf
  • Love Thy Neighbour (1967 film), the 1967 Danish-German comedy film
  • Love Thy Neighbour (1973 film), the 1973 British comedy film
  • Love Thy Neighbour (TV series), a 2011 MediaCorp Channel 8 Singaporean Mandarin drama.

Famous quotes related to love thy neighbor:

    The basis of world peace is the teaching which runs through almost all the great religions of the world. ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself.’ Christ, some of the other great Jewish teachers, Buddha, all preached it. Their followers forgot it. What is the trouble between capital and labor, what is the trouble in many of our communities, but rather a universal forgetting that this teaching is one of our first obligations.
    Eleanor Roosevelt (1884–1962)