Louis Ellies Dupin - Works


Du Pin was a voluminous author. Besides the Nouvelle bibliothèque ecclésiastique (58 vols. 8vo with tables), the Remarques by Petit-Didier, and the Critique by R. Simon reprinted in Holland (19 vols. 4to). It was translated into English and annotated by William Wotton in 13 vols. 1692-9. Dupin edited the works of Gerson (Paris, 1703), Optatus of Mileve (Paris, 1700), the Psalms with annotations (1691), and published Notes sur le Pentateuque (1701), an abridgment of L'histoire de l'Eglise (1712), L'histoire profane (1714–1716), L'histoire d'Apollonius de Tyane (1705, under the name of M. de Clairac), a Traité de la puissance ecclésiastique et temporelle, a commentary on the Four Articles of the clergy of France (1707), the Bibliothèque universelle des historiens (1716), numerous works and articles on theology, reprints of former works, etc. Dupin was no pedant.

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