Longing may refer to:

  • Longing (emotion) or desire
  • Longing (album), an unreleased 1974 album by Dusty Springfield
  • "Longing" (song), a 1995 song by X Japan
  • Longing (play), 2013 play by William Boyd based on two short stories by Anton Chekhov
  • "Longing", a song by Gackt from Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack
  • "Longing", a song by Helloween from Chameleon
  • Cape Longing, a headland in Antarctica

Famous quotes containing the word longing:

    All I ever wanted was to sing to God. He gave me that longing and then made me mute.
    Peter Shaffer (b. 1926)

    Freedom is but the possibility of a various and indefinite activity; while government, or the exercise of dominion, is a single, yet real activity. The longing for freedom, therefore, is at first only too frequently suggested by the deep-felt consciousness of its absence.
    Karl Wilhelm Von Humboldt (1767–1835)

    At great periods you have always felt, deep within you, the temptation to commit suicide. You gave yourself to it; breached your own defenses. You were a child. The idea of suicide was a protest against life; by dying, you would escape this longing for death.
    Cesare Pavese (1908–1950)