As a surname Lockyer may refer to:

  • Bill Lockyer (born 1941), American Politician
  • Darren Lockyer (born 1977), Australian rugby league footballer
  • Edmund Lockyer (1784-1860), British soldier and Australian explorer
  • James Lockyer, Ontario, Canadian lawyer and social justice activist
  • James E. Lockyer (born 1949), New Brunswick, Canadian lawyer, politician
  • Norman Lockyer (1836-1920), English scientist and astronomer
  • Lionel Lockyer (c. 1600-1672), a quack doctor, whose remains now lie in a tomb in Southwark Cathedral
  • Malcolm Lockyer (1923-1976), film composer and conductor
  • Peter Lockyer, actor and singer
  • Tarkyn Lockyer (born 1979), Australian rules footballer
  • Tom Lockyer (1826-1869), English cricketer

It may also refer to these places:

  • Lockyer Valley, Queensland - named after Edmund Lockyer
  • Lockyer Creek, a creek in the Lockyer Valley
  • Electoral district of Lockyer, Queensland, Australia