Lloyd - Lloyd's Coffee House and Related Names

Lloyd's Coffee House and Related Names

Edward Lloyd (coffeehouse owner), founded Lloyd's Coffee House, a London meeting place for merchants and shipowners. Several institutions and companies, especially those involved in transport or insurance, were named after, or indirectly inspired by, Edward Lloyd or his (now defunct) coffee house:

  • Lloyd's of London, or Lloyd's, a leading British insurance market
    • Lloyd's of London (film), a 1936 film about this insurance market
    • Lloyd's building, its headquarters
    • Lloyd's Agency Network
  • Lloyd's List, a website and 275-year-old daily newspaper on shipping and global trade
    • Lloyd's MIU, a maritime information database
  • Lloyd's Register, a ship classification and risk management organization
  • Germanischer Lloyd, a classification society based in Germany
  • Norddeutscher Lloyd, a former German shipping line, and several successor companies
    • Hapag-Lloyd shipping line
  • Hapag-Lloyd Airlines, Hapag-Lloyd Express, Hapag-Lloyd Flug, former German airline companies
  • Lloyd Werft, a shipbuilding dockyard established by Norddeutscher Lloyd in Bremerhaven, Germany
    • Lloyd (car), a former German automobile brand founded by Norddeutscher Lloyd
  • Austrian Lloyd, a shipping line of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; a shipping management company of this name still exists
    • Lloyd Triestino, Italian shipping line evolved from Austrian Lloyd
  • Ungarische Lloyd Flugzeug- und Motorenfabrik, an Austro-Hungarian aircraft manufacturer of the Lloyd C.V and other aircraft
  • Nedlloyd, a Netherlands shipping line, later merged into P&O Nedlloyd and now part of Maersk Line
  • Lloyd AĆ©reo Boliviano (LAB Airlines) of Bolivia
  • Lloyd Brasileiro, a former Brazilian shipping line

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