List of Virginia Tech Hokies Bowl Games

List Of Virginia Tech Hokies Bowl Games

The Virginia Tech Hokies football team has played in 25 post-season bowl games since its creation in 1892. This includes five Bowl Championship Series (BCS) game appearances and one appearance in the BCS National Championship Game. As of completion of the 2011 bowl season, the Hokies have been invited to a bowl game every year since 1993, a 19-year active streak that is the sixth longest all-time streak and the third longest presently-active streak.

Dozens of National Football League draft picks have played for Virginia Tech in bowl games, including two first-overall selections: Bruce Smith and Michael Vick. Smith participated in the 1984 Independence Bowl, while Vick quarterbacked the Hokies to their first national championship appearance during the 2000 Sugar Bowl, and followed that performance by leading the Hokies to the 2001 Gator Bowl, his final collegiate game. Following the game, Vick entered the 2001 NFL Draft and was selected by the Atlanta Falcons.

Since 1987, the Virginia Tech football team has been led by head coach Frank Beamer. Since 1993, Beamer has led the Hokies to 18 consecutive bowl games, going 8–10 during that period. Beamer has earned national coach of the year honors several times from various organizations, and has the most wins of any active Division I college football coach.

Virginia Tech's first post-season bowl game was in 1947, when the Hokies participated in the 1947 Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas on New Year's Day against the Cincinnati Bearcats.

The most recent Virginia Tech bowl game occurred January 3, 2012, when the Hokies played in the 2012 Sugar Bowl, a Bowl Championship Series game. Tech lost that game, bringing the school to an overall bowl record of 9 wins and 16 losses, putting the Hokies in 47th place in all-time bowl-game winning percentage among the 100 team with at least two NCAA bowl game appearances. The Hokies' 24 bowl appearances are tied for the 36th-highest total in NCAA history.

Appearances per Bowl
Bowl Game Appearances
Gator Bowl 5
Chick-fil-A Bowl* 4
Orange Bowl 4
Sugar Bowl 3
Independence Bowl 2
Liberty Bowl 2
Music City Bowl 1
San Francisco Bowl 1
Insight Bowl 1
Sun Bowl 1
Russell Athletic Bowl 1

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