List of Play Station Home Game Spaces

List Of Play Station Home Game Spaces

This is a list of PlayStation Home Game Spaces released or planned for release in the PlayStation Home Open Beta, with the exception of the two Far Cry 2 spaces and the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune space that were released during the Closed Beta. This page also includes the list of PlayStation Home Game Developer Spaces and the list of PlayStation Home Non-gaming Company Spaces. PlayStation Home started an open beta test on December 11, 2008.

In a discussion at GDC 2009 on March 25, 2009, Jack Buser, Director of Home for SCEA, promised that Home is expectant of three new spaces each month.

Outso is a developing company that develops some of the Game Spaces for Home. Outso is responsible for making the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, inFAMOUS, Resistance 2, and Warhawk spaces for the respective games developer. They have also made the mini-games in those spaces as well as the SOCOM Telestrator in the SOCOM space.

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