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Architecture, Art and Culture

  • Hans Backoffen, (* Sulzbach um 1470, † Mainz 1519), kurfürstlicher Steinmetz und Bildhauer
  • Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Jurist, Mathematiker und Philosoph. Von 1667 - 1674 in Diensten Johann Philipps von Schönborn
  • Maximilian von Welsch (* Kronach 1671, † 1745 in Mainz), electoral director of building, architect, military engineer, famed for his skill in both designing fortifications as well as civil architecture (Lustschloss Favorite Mainz, New Armory Mainz)
  • Ludwig Lindenschmit the Younger (1850–1922), important prehistorian
  • Christian Heinrich Kleukens (1880–1954), printer and writer
  • Emy Roeder (* 1890 in Würzburg, † 1971 in Mainz), sculpturer, sine 1950 teacher at the Mainzer Kunstgewerbeschule
  • Herbert Kühn (* 29 April 1895 in Beelitz - 25 Juni 1980 Mainz, prehistorian, philosoph, Religious studies, history of arts studies
  • Gertrude Degenhardt (* 1 Oktober 1940 in New York, (NY)), Lithography and graphic artist
  • Alois Plum (* 1935), stained glass artist
  • Margret Hofheinz-Döring (* 20 May 1910, in Mainz; † 18 June 1994 in Bad Boll), painter and graphic artist

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