List of Oregon Shipwrecks - North Oregon Coast

North Oregon Coast

Name Date Vessel Type Location Notes
Detroit 25 Dec 1855 brig Tillamook Head Bumped ground putting out of the Columbia River. Crew abandoned ship after she took on 7 feet (210 cm) of water. Ship drifted south and ran aground at Tillamook Head.
Brant 00 Jan 1862 schooner Tillamook Refloated.
Millie Bond c. 13 Nov 1871 schooner Barview Wrecked on sand spit near Tillamook Bar. Refloated.
Lupatia c. 3 Jan 1881 barque Tillamook Rock All 16 human on board died; the only survivor was the ship's dog.
Kate L. Heron 27 Apr 1881 schooner Barview Wrecked on Tillamook Bar. Parts washed up at Nehalem.
Pilots Bride 1 Aug 1881 sloop Pacific City Stranded on Nestucca Bar.
Carmarthen Castle 2 Dec 1886 barque Pacific City Ran aground in Nestucca Bay.
Queen of the Bay 11 Nov 1887 schooner Nehalem Wrecked at the mouth of the Nehalem River.
Garcia 12 Dec 1893 schooner Cape Meares Wrecked near Cape Meares Lighthouse.
Occident 12 Mar 1897 steam tug Nehalem Total loss
Lila and Mattie 9 Mar 1900 schooner Barview Wrecked on Tillamook Bar.
Laguna 6 Apr 1900 steamship Barview Went ashore on north spit of Tillamook Bar. Refloated and towed back to San Francisco for repairs, but during a gale abandoned at a point ten miles SWW of Crescent City. Ran aground on July 17 at the Klamath River for a total loss.
Pioneer 17 Dec 1900 schooner Pacific City Remains can still be seen when erosion takes place.
Charles H. Merchant 11 Aug 1902 schooner Manzanita Stranded on Nehalem Spit, refloated and scrapped.
Gem 15 Feb 1904 schooner Barview Ran aground on the beach near the Tillamook Bay north jetty.
Peter Iredale 25 Oct 1906 barque Fort Stevens Remains can still be seen.
Gerald C. 10 May 1907 gas screw Pacific City Wrecked on the north spit at the entrance to Nestucca harbor.
Antelope 30 Sep 1907 schooner Nehalem built 1887 in Benicia, CA for salmon packer. Wrecked at Nehalem River.
Emily Reed 14 Feb 1908 barque Rockaway Loaded with 2,100 tons of coal, the ship ran ashore and broke apart. The captain, his wife and seven crewmen survived, but eight died. Remains are occasionally seen after storms.
Hill 17 Jun 1908 schooner Nehalem Wrecked at Nehalem Bar.
Ida Schnauer 17 Jun 1908 schooner Barview Wrecked on Tillamook Bar. While waiting for tug into harbor, wind shifted and she was pushed ashore for a total loss.
Argo #1 26 Nov 1909 steamship Barview Struck the bar off the entrance to Tillamook Bay and foundered. Two crew and two passengers were drowned. Sister ship, the Argo #2, a river steamer, went down at Dixon Entrance in Alaska.
Vida 28 Apr 1912 gas schooner Barview Lost rudder and broke to pieces on Tillamook Bar.
George R. Vosberg 3 May 1912 steam tug Nehalem Hole punched in hull by underwater rock. The crew attempted to plug the hole with a spare fuel tank. Though the effort was ultimately futile, the crew was rescued.
C.T. Hill 30 Jul 1912 schooner Nehalem Stranded on the south side of the Nehalem Bar. Salvaged.
Mimi 13 Feb 1913 barque Manzanita Ran aground in fog on Nehalem Spit, then capsized in salvage operation, killing 17.
Glenesslin 1 Oct 1913 square rig Neahkahnie Beach Sailed into the rocks at the base of Neahkahnie Mountain, on a clear day. All survived, but rocks penetrated the hull and little was salvaged. A naval court of inquiry ruled the cause was negligence.
Oakland 22 Mar 1916 schooner Manzanita Abandoned at sea. After running ashore, it was refloated and renamed the Mary Hanlon. Ultimately lost off Mendocino, California.
Life-Line 26 May 1923 gas propeller Neahkahnie Beach Foundered off Neahkahnie, washed ashore and covered by sand. Uncovered by a bulldozer in 1949.
Venus 4 Nov 1923 gas schooner Pacific City Capsized on Nestucca Bar. Captain Adolph Kangiser and his engineer made a swim for shore. The captain felt something tug him down. Kicking hard he managed to free himself. Upon reaching shore, he found part of his boot missing, though he himself was not injured. The marks on the boots indicated a shark, making him the first shark attack victim in Oregon history.
Phoenix 5 Nov 1923 gas schooner Barview Capsized on Tillamook Bar. Four died.
Sea Island 7 Feb 1932 Tillamook Rum-Runner.
Tyee 6 Dec 1940 tugboat Barview Foundered off Tillamook Bar. The engine was ripped out, saving the crew by lightening the ship.

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